Best Smart Phone Repairs in Sydney

We have full time Mobile phone technicians on staff and repair more than 30 devices a day, with busy days up to 60. Our certified technicians handle smartphone repairs daily and repair Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, HTC Phones, and we are able to get parts for almost all major brands.

We have 1000’s of Mobile phone parts in stock and can repair 90% of issues the same day. We can Replace Screens on almost any device that parts are available. Except for overseas non-branded phones are a bit hard to get our hands on.

Our extremely professional technicians can replace all Android screens within minutes. If your phone has a damaged screen, broken body or a non-functioning issue, come to us!

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Our Process

Here is how our repair experts un-smear the smudge on your phone’s screen, a stepwise guide to give you a clearer picture of our process to give you the high quality service we promise

The expert first examines your phone for any other physical damage.

He then tries to locate any software related issues if the phone turns on.

When these two aspects get cleared and mark a tick in the expert’s list of conducting a thorough analysis of the phone, they move forward to start changing the mobile phone’s screen.

They first extensively clean the phone’s surface and screen with isopropyl alcohol to ensure there are no dust particles on the headset.

Then, they wipe the screen with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any excess liquid/particles left.

The professional then prepare for a wiping finger. Once the oleophobic liquid used for coating evaporates within seconds when applied, it is essential that you work at super speed.

The expert then wraps one of their fingers with a plastic wrap or a small sandwich wrap. This is done to use the finger to rub the coating liquid onto the finger first and then the screen.

After the repairer apply bout 15 drops of the coating on the phone’s screen, distribute it swiftly by wiping the finger covered in plastic to the surface until you see the liquid has evaporated.

Then, the repair technician wipes the screen again with a microfiber cloth. Let the coating dry for some time.

Let the screen rest for 10-12 hours and allow the coating to bond the surface.

After the 10-12 hours’ time, the expert wipes off any remaining residue on the phone’s screen. Again, this needs to be done with a microfiber cloth.

The repair technician repairs the same process 2 to 3 times in order to maximise oleophobic coating’s performance and film’s durability to the best of their abilities.

Since this process needs to be done at least 2 times, we recommend you to leave the phone with us for at least 36 hours.