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It is chaos when your phone gets wet, is it not? Either it drenches in alcohol, or you forget it in your pocket while going for a swim, from slipping from your back pocket down the toilet drain or just some water spilling on the device – there are thousands of reasons and ways in which you can damage your phone via liquid.

The first thing you should do is switch off your phone and leave it that way. The second thing you should do is bring it to us at Sydney Mobile Phone Repairs. We help you avoid the following problems that can occur via liquid damage:

  • Circuit corrosion
  • Resistor and coil damage
  • Internal rusting
  • Losing data and files
  • Complete internal damage
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Our Suggestion

We suggest that drying your phone in rice is never a good idea. This is a myth and does not work, in fact can make your damage worse off.

Whenever you come across liquid damage, the first thing to worry about is recovering the data in the phone. Our technicians at Sydney Mobile Phone Repairs take care of everything from recovering the data to fixing the phone’s body and get it back to functioning as normal. Our team discusses with you the best suitable option according to the damage made with the approximate costing it would require. Everything is always

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