Exceptional Micro Soldering Repairs

If you are not aware, soldering is used to form a permanently strong connection between the electronic devices. Since mobile phones contain parts attached to the mainboard and the hardware that control the device’s functions, the parts need to be soldered to replace any of those.

It is used to fix the charging port, volume buttons, camera, power switches, sim card slot fixation, HDMI ports, memory card slot set, microphones, batteries and even the phone’s vibration. We fix your phone’s logic boards through micro soldering and recover any lost data.

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Issues Solved with Micro Soldering

Lose touch functionality

Phone dead

Backlight dim

No display

Audio issues

IC and Logic boars

Micro Soldering Experts

It is one tricky job, but you can rest assure that your device is in safe hands! We offer the micro soldering logic board repair service for every all brands and models of devices, including iPads.

Since Apple does not really offer any micro soldering services, we come to your rescue and fix almost all the logic board problems. This leads to turning your phone into a brand new one. We have fixed thousands of devices and aim to repair many more!

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