100w portable fiber laser cleaner laser cleaning machine for rust removal


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High power Fiber Pulse laser cleaning machine 100W for rust removal

laser cleaning machine is the new generation of safe, high efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendly metal laser cleaning equipment, using handheld swing cleaning head, touch screen and button control, combined with the advanced integrated control system, the precision CNC Fiber laser cleaning machine is assembled. It meets the cleaning requirements of complex shapes and fine positioning in the industrial processing field, and achieves higher cleanliness cleaning effects and lower overall cost production benefits.

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Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic processing, cultural relics
restoration, mold industry, shipbuilding industry, food processing industry, petrochemical industry processing, petrochemical industry and other industries.



Product name Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
Voltage 220V-50Hz/380V-60Hz
Laser Power 100W
Model laser cleaning machine for rust removal
Application Surface Paint Cleaning
Function Metal Rust Surface Laser Cleaning
Material Rust Oxide Painting Coating
Applied industry Metal Rust Processing
Feature Accurate Cleaning
Cleaning materials Metal Rust Oil Dust Coating

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Laser cleaning machine can remove the object surface resin, the paint, the oil pollution, Stains, dirt, rust, coatings, coatings and oxide coatings are widely used in the industry, covering ships, steam repairs, rubber moulds, high-end machine tools, track and environmental protection.


Rust Removal Oxide Removal Molding Cleaning Surface Preparation
Coatings Removal Weld Pre-treatment Gluing Pre-treatment Removal of Oil and Grease
Paint Removal Surface Cleaning Stain Removal Surface Roughening
Tool Cleaning Historic Restoration Selective Paint Removal Precise Cleaning

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 48 × 30 × 70 cm


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