9 Telltale Signs You Need An iPad Repair

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9 Telltale Signs You Need An iPad Repair 

Apple’s iPad is an impressive device with many benefits. It may come with all its functionality and elegance, but it’s also a fragile machine. It can also be damaged and may need to be taken to a technician for inspection and repair. 

For most iPad malfunctions, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new one. Aside from quick-fix tips on their support community, Apple also offers a limited warranty on all its products for a year from the date of purchase. However, accidents that can cause damage to your iPad are inevitable. (1)

If you’ve noticed some or all of these nine telltale signs of apple iPad failure, stopping by a partner store for an iPad repair won’t be a bad idea: 

  • Screen issues

The first common issue with an iPad is a malfunctioning screen. Dropping the device or immersing it in water usually damages the LCD panel. Can you replace iPad screens if your device crashes? There are tips you can find online to help you fix minor issues in most cases. As mentioned, Apple provides a limited warranty and service options if something goes wrong with your iOS device. 

However, if your iPad’s warranty period and you see any of these signs of a damaged screen, you might want to consider dropping by a cheap iPad screen repair service center:

    • Cracked screen: The most common type of iPad damage is a broken screen. It might be chipped or shattered, making it impossible to see your screen clearly. This issue can be fixed with an iPad glass replacement if the problem only lies with the external hardware. Many cheap iPad repair shops offer iPad replacement screens and know how to replace an iPad screen in no time.
    • Dead pixels: Dead pixels usually occur after the device has been dropped, crushed, or stepped on. A replacement screen for iPad may be the solution to this, depending on the severity of the damage.
    • Black spots on display: If you look closely enough at an iPad screen that’s scratched or cracked, you may notice some dark or light spots.
    • Broken LCD: The screen might not work properly if the backlight fails to illuminate due to an internal problem with the LCD panel. This issue might call for an iPad LCD replacement to get your device fully functional again.

iPad with broken screen

  • Unresponsive touch screen: An unresponsive touch screen is one of the more serious problems with an iPad. An iPad’s touch screen usually doesn’t work if the LCD has cracked or shattered. If it still responds to your touch occasionally, but not all the time, it might be due to dropped liquid or debris in the panel. You might have to get a replacement iPad screen if you notice that your screen doesn’t respond to your touch or swipes.
  1. Noisy or malfunctioning speaker

Even though the speakers on iPads are pretty loud, they’re not infallible. If you’ve dropped your iPad or gotten it wet without realizing it, you might want to get an Apple iPad repair if the speaker starts sounding like a rattle or makes weird sounds while playing music or videos. You should also consider getting an Apple iPad repair service if the speaker begins to sound distorted or doesn’t produce any sound at all.


3. Device won’t power on

There are various reasons why an Apple iPad might not turn on, but most of them have to do with the battery or charging system. For instance, if your iPad doesn’t turn on even when it’s plugged into a wall outlet or USB port, then the battery may be dead and need to be replaced.

4. Liquid damage

While there’s a chance that your iPad will function properly after getting wet, you may notice one or more of the following signs that it needs to be repaired:

  • Liquid seepage from the speaker or charge port
  • Tablet produces a hissing noise when the power button is pressed
  • Liquid damage indicator (LDI) has turned pink or red

Technician repairing a broken iPad

5. Cracked housing near the volume buttons

Another common type of damage that an iPad suffers is cracked housing. It usually occurs above the volume rocker, but it can also affect other device parts. If your iPad has any noticeable cracks in its housing, you might want to get it repaired or at least check out some replacement cases online.

6. Overheating Issues

Most of the time, iPad overheating is caused by applications running in the background. If you leave an app open, it’ll keep running until you close out all your open apps. The more open apps you have running, the hotter your iPad’s processor will run and thus make your device hotter. If you notice that your iPad is getting very hot while you’re using it or charging, make sure to contact an apple iPad repair if the overheating persists.

7. Slow charging time or faulty charge port

These are both symptoms of an issue with the USB charging cord. While you can usually fix this by buying a new one, it’s also possible that your iPad’s charging port has malfunctioned or there’s debris in it that isn’t allowing the cord to make contact.

8. Faulty backlight

An iPad’s backlight makes the screen visible in low-light or no-light environments. If you notice that your iOS device has stopped displaying images after it fell, had liquid spilled on it, or was otherwise mishandled, contact an Apple iPad repair service to fix the faulty backlight.

9. Loose and vibrating iPad dock connector

Last but not least, if your iPad’s dock connector has become loose and starts to rattle around when you’re moving the tablet or charging it, you might want to get an Apple iPad repair. It’s nearly always caused by the motherboard becoming unseated from its housing and can result in other issues down the road.


Apple iPad repair can help you get your device running again in no time. No matter what the issue, licensed repair technicians are always available to look at your device. They’ll determine the problem and give you an estimate of how much the repair will cost.

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