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Why Are Samsung Repairs So Expensive?

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Why Are Samsung Repairs So Expensive?


Samsung is one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, with a market share of 20.3% by mid-2021. Their products are of high quality and loved by many. However, any Samsung user who’s had their phone broken knows that these high-quality products come with a high repair price tag. (1)

Everyone is familiar with the accidental phone drop. Picking your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S22 off the ground can be nerve-wrenching. Breaking the screen or other components usually calls for a repair or replacement. 

Still, there are excellent reasons why Samsung repairs come at a price. 

Broken Samsung Phone

The value of Samsung components

Branding has an impact on the cost of the device and repair. It used to be that Samsung was far cheaper than the alternatives like Apple’s iPhone range. That’s no longer the case. Samsung produces some of the world’s best, most sought after, Android-operated smartphones. The leading range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones is top tier.

Samsung uses advanced, expensive technology in its products. It’s reasonable for components to cost more on top-of-the-range devices. If you’ve bought a more expensive smartphone, you can expect that any repair may cost you a bit more.

What comprises repair prices

The repair price combines the needed parts and the charge for labor. Some parts are cheaper than others. Additionally, the cost of labor can vary depending on the device.

Mobile devices are delicate. They require skilled labor and specialized equipment to dismantle and repair. To repair your phone, you’re paying the repair shop for their experience and use of equipment.

How much does it cost to repair a Samsung

The total cost depends on the model of your device, the age of your device, and what needs to be repaired. Consider Samsung’s official repair pricelist. As of February 2022, you’ll find that screen repair on a Galaxy A01 can cost USD$79, while models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra will cost you USD$289.  On the other hand, battery replacements average at around USD$69 and are unlikely to fluctuate between models drastically. (2) (3)

Due to parts availability, older and discontinued models may be more expensive to repair. Generic components often decrease the overall cost if they’re available. That said, this workaround risks the long-term quality of a repair. Think about phone batteries. Anyone can buy a device, take out the battery, and manufacture a clone that’ll fit. Using one of these may be cheaper, but may degrade quickly or cause additional damage to your device.

Most repair shops will use Samsung parts and service kits to work on Samsung devices. That way, the quality of the parts and repair is assured.

What can be repaired

Volume buttons can become faulty over time. Perhaps your earphone jack or charging port has stopped working due to wear. Maybe one of your speakers no longer produces sound. If your phone keeps dying, you may need a battery replacement. Most of the time, these types of problems are repairable. Fortunately, not all of these repairs are expensive compared to the cost of a new device. 

Samsung phone screens

Cracked or unresponsive screens are usually the most expensive Samsung repairs. This is thanks to the technology that Samsung has incorporated into its smartphones.

“Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode” (AMOLED) and “Organic Light Emitting Diode” (OLED) screens are found on high-end models.

The consensus is that these screens are superior to the alternative LCD screens. Even Apple, Samsung’s competitor, has signed a contract to source these screens from Samsung. They’re produced in Samsung’s factories. Currently, Samsung is one of two companies that make AMOLED screens. (4)

AMOLED and OLED screens are more expensive to manufacture. Third parties have yet to find a way to replicate this technology. There are no reliable and cheaper alternatives.  The only way for repair shops to safely replace your Samsung screen is to purchase Samsung’s official part and service pack from a legitimate distributor.

Replacing Battery to a Samsung Phone

The danger of at-home repair kits

In the not-too-distant past, it wasn’t uncommon to see repair kits and cheap replacement parts in online stores. While these may still be available in some places, they’re incredibly risky solutions. These kits often lack essential tools. Besides, smartphone technology has become so intricate that you’re highly likely to damage something else while fixing the initial problem. 

Summing Up

The cost of repairing a Samsung smartphone often daunts users. The price tag may be because the company produces quality products using valuable technology and components. Usually, repairs that require new components come with a hefty price tag. 

Repairing a Samsung with official parts may not always be cheap, but it’s often more affordable than buying a new device. Still, if you’re lucky, the damage to your phone may not be extensive. A local repair store may be able to save your phone without breaking the bank.


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