7 Of The Most Common Reasons For iPhone Repair

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An iPhone is in great demand these days, and the majority are already using one. If you own one, the time will come when you’ll need an iPhone repair service. As iPhones continue to improve with new features and improvements in durability, they likewise allow users to make the most of the device. Sadly, despite the advances, the chances of dropping or damaging it in any way remain high. Even with proper care and protection by using a phone case, your phone might still get damaged. In turn, you’ll have no other choice but to seek a repair service, whether to fix iPhone screen or replace the battery. 

If you end up damaging your iPhone, buying a new one doesn’t have to be your first move. Today, professionals can readily carry out iPhone display repair, iPhone screen replacements, or deal with other issues your phone might have. Here are several typical reasons for iPhone repair that you need to be aware of.  

iPhone technician checking for repairs

Cracked screen 

A cracked iPhone screen is a common problem, especially when you accidentally drop your phone or bump the screen against hard objects or surfaces. Especially if you use your phone most of the time, you’re inevitably likely to drop it at some point. In most cases, the damage can vary from minor to severe, depending on how it occurred. In cases involving severe damage, replacing iPhone screen might be the only solution.

Even with the advancements in the latest iPhone models on the market to create more durable screens, they’re still prone to damage if you fail to handle your phone properly. (1) 

If you end up with a cracked screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll affect the functionality of your phone. However, it affects the overall experience, so most prefer to get a new iPhone screen

It’s also the same if you have a severely scratched screen which would greatly benefit from an iPhone front screen replacement service. If you want to maintain your phone, consider looking for a reliable professional in repairing iPhone screens or replacing screen on iPhone. You can easily go for an iPhone screen replacement at an affordable rate than getting a new phone.  


  • Faulty camera  

Using your iPhone daily can put your camera lens at risk of damage, especially when handling it carelessly. If you start to experience issues with the quality of your photos, such as distortion or the presence of lines, consider having it checked by a repair technician. It’s best to replace the lens, so your camera will be as good as new in most cases.  Sometimes, a screen repair iPhone may be the best option for faulty cameras.


  • Battery problems  

The latest iPhone model boasts a powerful and long-lasting battery. Nevertheless, your phone will wear out over time, and the power will start to decline. If you’re still using an iPhone that’s several years old, you’ll likely experience battery issues. (2)  

Every new iOS update adds more features that require more power. Your phone’s battery might drain rapidly or not charge anymore. Regardless of the issue, a battery replacement might be the best solution. You can always choose to purchase a new phone, but if you’re on a tight budget and your current phone is still functional, a battery replacement or a replacement iPhone screen service would be the ideal solution.

Technician repairing a broken iPhone

  • Unresponsive screen

If you’ve recently dropped your iPhone, the screen could sustain damage. A crack on the screen is one of the obvious signs and can cause more issues in the long run. In some cases, dropping your phone can loosen or damage the delicate layers of the touch screen. The LCD screen and digitizer both link to the logic board of your iPhone. If you drop your phone, the cords might loosen as well. This is one of the reasons your touch screen becomes unresponsive and would require either an iPhone digitizer replacement or an iPhone glass replacement

You can hire a professional to change iPhone screen if you’re on a tight budget, but if other problems surface, you’ll end up with a higher cost. In such cases, buying a brand-new phone might be a more cost-effective option. (3)  


  • Malfunctioning buttons  

Among many iPhone owners, another common reason for seeking repair is having damaged or malfunctioning buttons. The continuous use of your screen and buttons will wear them out over time. Because of this, an iPhone LCD screen repair might be the most viable option. 

If your iPhone screen is no longer responsive when you press the volume, power, or home button, consider checking it with a specialist. 


  • Damage to the charging port 

Another reason for iPhone repair is a damaged charging port. If you’re having difficulty keeping your phone connected to the charger or if the battery isn’t charging, it’s a clear sign that the port might be damaged. Consider having your phone checked by a specialist to replace the damaged port. However, an iPhone X replacement may be recommended for damages that are no longer fixable.


  • Water damage 

The latest iPhone models boast better water resistance than the older ones since water damage is a common issue among iPhone users. If you’re not cautious, you might accidentally drop your phone in a water-filled sink or even the toilet. In some cases, you might spill fluids over your phone or cause it to end up getting soaked by the rain in your bag. (4) 

Remember that even if iPhones are water-resistant to a certain degree, they’re not fully waterproof. A dimmed display could indicate moderate to severe damage after water exposure. In such scenarios, an iPhone LCD repair professional will replace iPhone screen as an option, depending on the severity of the damage. 


Final thoughts 

An iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the market. If you happen to own one, know that it promises years of superior performance. But time will come when it will require an iPhone screen change or an iPhone screen replace, especially from the daily wear and tear and misuse. When your iPhone starts showing any of these problems, consider hiring a reliable iPhone repair service provider to restore it to its best condition.  


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