3 Tips To Improve Battery Life And Avoid An iPad Repair

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3 Tips To Improve Battery Life And Avoid An iPad Repair  


Apple’s iPads are immensely popular, and it’s easy to see why. They’re portable, powerful, and have various uses. Their wide array of models and designs can suit pretty much anyone’s needs. For instance, models like the iPad Pro are ideal for high-powered business professionals, while the iPad mini is perfect for full functionality without having to lug around a heavier tablet.

However, like any piece of technology, the iPad needs to maintain its battery to stay in good condition. But, after extensive use and charges, the battery life could wear down and invariably start to fade. Don’t let this battery issue deter you from using your device. After all, avoiding an iPad battery replacement or restoration requires proper care and charging techniques. 


Here are a few tips to improve your iPad battery life and prevent costly repair:

  • Adjust the screen brightness 

The brightness level is probably one of the most critical factors in preserving your iPad’s battery life. The screen device is one of the primary offenders for draining your battery, and some users tend to leave the screen at maximum brightness. 

Adjusting the brightness on your iPad’s screen is straightforward. You can swipe your finger downward on your home screen to bring up the brightness bar and slide the indicator to your preferred brightness level. You can also tap the settings icon on your home screen and set it to auto-brightness. (1)

IOS devices utilize an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness to minimize battery consumption for the auto-brightness feature. The sensor detects the lighting conditions and adjusts the screen to a comfortable level. So, when you’re in a dim room, your screen will remain dim until you move into an area with brighter lighting. This process helps maintain your device’s battery life by reducing unnecessary battery drainage. (2)

Meanwhile, if your iPad starts acting up or the battery won’t function properly, replacing iPad battery could be your choice. The replacement doesn’t take much time, and the procedure only requires a few steps. 

  • Do not overcharge the device 

As mentioned, proper battery maintenance is the key to long-lasting battery life. One of the most important tips is avoiding overcharging and not letting the battery run down to zero. (3)

Overcharging can cause severe stress to the iPad’s lithium-ion batteries. While some users let their device charge until it reaches 100%, this idea isn’t the best way to go. As a general rule, charge your iPad when it’s at 20-30% and unplug it when the device reaches 80%. 

Unfortunately, the battery health conditions will eventually wear it down. The more you overcharge your iPad, the more stress you put on its system, which will result in poor performance. A battery replacement or repair might be your way to save your device. 

However, the question is, can you replace an iPad battery? Well, if your device battery has an issue that’s covered under warranty, AppleCare+ can replace or repair it with no additional fee. Otherwise, you may pay for out-of-warranty service if the battery wears down due to normal usage. 

You may go to the Apple support service and ask for replacement details. All eligible iPad devices with AppleCare+ or warranty have a free battery replacement. On the other hand, the out-of-warranty service fee for all qualified models such as an iPad pro battery replacement is USD$99. That’s why it’s best to keep your battery in good shape by adhering to these simple charging techniques. (4)


  • Update the software 

Software updates are necessary to maintain optimal battery performance and resolve any issues with connectivity or stability. These updates include bug fixes and patches that improve your device’s overall performance. (5)

iOS updates will also ensure your apps run correctly on the latest version of IOs so that you won’t experience any battery drain or app crashes. As a result, you’ll be able to preserve the iOS version and avoid any issues that may affect how it operates. 

In addition, if you notice your iPad air X battery, for instance, draining faster than usual even after updating the software, you might have to take advantage and search for “iPad air X battery replacement near me” on search engines to help restore your device. A new battery may be the only solution to address this issue. 


There’s no substitute for a well-maintained system when it comes to battery longevity. Utilizing the tips mentioned above will help you make the most out of your device’s battery life and prevent frequent replacement. 

However, if problems occur or your iPad won’t charge correctly, replacement or repair can be your next step. If you’re wondering how to replace an iPad battery, it’s pretty simple. It’s a process that requires specific tools and techniques that only device experts could do, though. So, it’s best to contact a service center and let a technician handle the job for you to avoid the risk of damaging your iOS device,

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