How To Know If Your Keyboard Is Failing On A Macbook

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How To Know If Your Keyboard Is Failing On A Macbook

If you’re a Macbook user, you’ve probably faced keyboard complications while using the device. Indeed, a Twitter survey of 7,577 Macbook keyboard users indicates that 53% of them had difficulty typing their work smoothly. This problem began in 2015, when Apple launched its first butterfly keyboards on Macbooks, an advancement from the typical scissor keyboards. Despite being an upgraded switch mechanism, butterfly keyboards came with a string of complications. And ever since, the company has developed several new keyboard versions, but the problem still seems to persist. (1) 

So, it’ll be wise to take early precautions to know the state of your keyboard. And you may achieve this by learning the markers indicating a failing Macbook keyboard. This article discusses four such signs to watch out for. They include:

  1. Non-responsive keys

A common sign that your Macbook keyboard is breaking down is that it doesn’t register your keystrokes, despite if you press it as hard as you can. You may experience this issue on alphanumeric keys or the spacebar.

In such a situation, you’d be wise to contact Macbook specialists early enough for guidance on ways to fix the problem. Luckily, there are numerous repair centres where you may get your laptop fixed. Such stores could solve your laptop issues, such as keyboard fixing and other problems, like Macbook screen repairs.  

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  1. Stuck keys

If your keys are pressed down even without exerting much force on them, your keyboard might probably be failing. This problem might result from dust or debris collecting underneath the keys. Typically, Macbook keyboards are sensitive. So, such particles could interfere with the normal functioning of the keyboard, causing it to jam. (2)

You may try unsticking the keys by following these steps:

  • Get a can of compressed air and securely attach the straw to it
  • Turn off your Macbook and unplug it from the power source
  • Turn your laptop upside down to remove any loose debris
  • Position your device at a 70-degree angle for the particles to smoothly fall off
  • Place your laptop on its left side and spray with compressed air. Do the same for the right side
  • Wipe off or vacuum any remaining dust (3)

However, never use any liquid to clean the laptop as this may damage the keyboard completely.  If your problem persists after your attempts, find out Macbook repair costs and visit a repair shop near you to fix the issue. 

  1. Keyboard sending wrong commands

Some Macbook users report one frustrating problem: a keyboard that sends the wrong command to the internal computer system. For instance, you may type the letter’ A,’ but the output on your screen is a different letter or even a number. 

If you’re experiencing such an issue, your keyboard might be breaking down. Thus, you’d want to get a Macbook keyboard replacement. However, the price of repairing the laptop can be costly. The process could cost you anything between AUD$180 to AUD$1,800, depending on the level of damage on your keys. Hence, research a cheap Macbook fix store so you can repair your computer. (4)

  1. Keyboard registering several times

Another indicator to be on the lookout for would be a key that registers twice or more times when you press it once. You may key in the letter’ T,’ but even after you release your finger from the button, you get a string of ‘T’s’ on your display. Aside from this, you may press the spacebar once, but it registers two spaces instead of one.

If you notice this issue, it’d be wise to find a solution for your keyboard as soon as possible. You may seek repair services from a professional computer technician. The experts will assess your keyboard. And depending on the extent of damage, they may replace the faulty key or the entire keyboard. Afterwards, it’d do you good to safeguard your keyboard from agents that may cause it to malfunction, such as moisture in the air or liquid spills, dust, debris, or other causes of damage. (5)

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Macbooks are among the most exceptional laptops manufactured. However, like many other computers, they have prevailing issues that render them ineffective time and again. One common problem is the unreliability of Macbook keyboards. For a few years now, users have complained of this issue.

Thus, if you’re a Macbook user, be alert of such matters––keyboard non-responsiveness, stuck or jammed keys, keyboard typing wrong commands, or keyboard registering several times. If you encounter such problems with your Macbook, you should seek technical assistance from a certified Macbook support specialist so you can continue using your keyboard effectively.


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