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How To Repair Common Samsung Device Problems

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Samsung Repair Guide: How To Fix Common Problems With Your Device

Smartphones may be considered an essential part of human lives since nearly almost no one leaves home without them. Thanks to its features and portability, its existence has made people’s daily lives more manageable. However, no matter how powerful a smartphone is, it can encounter problems that make it frustrating to continue using.

Samsung is a famous smartphone brand that has consistently made high-quality phones and, as such, dominated the market back in 2020. Yet, like any device, Samsung phones are also prone to defects and system issues that users complain about. And smartphone issues are pretty consistent, with many users worldwide reportedly experiencing the same problems and had them resolved. So, if your Samsung device isn’t working as it used to, there’s still hope for you to save your device. (1) (3)

If your phone gets damaged, it’s not yet the end of the world. Here’s a list of some common issues Samsung users have encountered and a guide on how to fix them:

Screen issues

Broken Samsung Phone Screen

Users access their phone’s main interface through the phone screen. But what do you do if something unfavorable happens to it? These are the usual screen problems that smartphones face:

  • Cracks: No matter how careful you are, there’s a chance your phone will slip from your grasp. The result may be a broken Samsung screen, depending on the height it fell from or the phone’s fragility. To resolve this, you may:
  • Apply a screen protector to avoid further cracking.
  • Temporarily tape the cracks until you can find a Samsung screen replacement.
  • Check your phone’s warranty to see if you can receive a complete replacement.
  • Visit a reputable phone repair center if the previous steps are ineffective.
  • Unresponsive or frozen screen: Sometimes, the screen of an old Samsung phone may become unresponsive due to age. Try these simple fixes when this happens to your phone:
  • Perform a hard reboot. Wait for around one to two minutes before turning it back on.
  • Remove the battery, if possible, then put it back in before restarting it.
  • Clear your phone’s cache.
  • Check the issue with a Samsung phone screen repair expert to assess the damage. It may be a physical cause if not internal.
  • Vertical lines: Lines on your screen appear when your liquid crystal display (LCD) or the ribbon cables inside are damaged. Most of the time, you can’t fix your screen yourself. So, you should find a Samsung phone screen replacement or a place that offers an effective yet cheap Samsung screen repair.
  • Inkblots and bleeding pixels: Inkblots are dead pixels that are caused by gradual pressure that left the glass intact yet damaged the screen under it. On the other hand, bleeding pixels happen when the side of the phone receives an impact. Like vertical lines, it may be challenging to fix these at home. It’s recommended that you go to a trusted repair center for Samsung LCD repairs and screen fixes. (2)(3)(5)(6)

Samsung User having a problem with his phone

Prices for Samsung screen repairs or replacements may vary depending on your device’s model. For instance, the cost of a Galaxy SX repair may differ from that of a Galaxy AX. (7) Also, take note that your Samsung’s phone screen is one of the most vital parts of the device. If you continue using the broken screen, you may experience more problems with the phone.

Battery drain

Samsung battery life can be subpar, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fixable. To solve your phone’s battery issue, try applying these tips:

  • Turn down your screen’s brightness. The display saps out most of your battery more than your apps do.
  • Look for an Adaptive Brightness option. This will automatically adjust your screen’s display level based on how bright or dark it is where you are. However, you may also turn off auto-brightness to save more battery.
  • Turn off the Always on Display and Lift to Wake options. 
  • Remove live wallpapers
  • Click on Location and select Battery-Saving Mode. (1)(2)(3)(4)

If there’s no change, you may need to replace your phone or have this repaired as soon as possible.

Connectivity and Bluetooth issues

People often use their phones to connect to Wi-Fi or send files via Bluetooth. If you encounter problems with connectivity or Bluetooth, you may:

  • Go on Airplane Mode for 30 seconds, turn it off, then connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Restart your device. Once back on, try connecting again.
  • Turn off optimization for particular apps. (2)(3)(4)

Crashing apps

Sometimes, apps may crash while you’re still on them. Here are some ways to circumvent this problem:

  • Update the app, so you’re using its newer version. Force close the app, then reopen it if there are no new updates.
  • Clear all data for the app to reset it. You may also uninstall then reinstall it.
  • Update your Samsung Android software. Some apps may only work with Samsung’s latest Android version. (2)(4)

In some cases, apps may still not work even after updating the Android version. It’s a common issue many Samsung users encounter, no matter the model of their phone. If this happens, download an app similar to the malfunctioning one, then check if it performs well with the new Android version. (4) 


Some usual internal problems of a Samsung phone can easily be fixed by yourself at home. But other times, you may need professional help with external issues. Cracks and the like will require mending by someone with expertise in Samsung screen repairs or replacements. The service might dent your wallet, but you might also find a reputable service that offers cheap repairs that’ll last a long while.


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