Macbook Repair Could Be Cheaper Than Buying A New One

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Repairing Your Macbook May Be Cheaper Than Buying A New One Afterall

One admirable trait of Macbook users is their loyalty to the Apple brand. Marketers and advertising experts have all attested to this. And perhaps the reason for this reliability is because Macbooks are exceptional computers. Thus, if you use such a gadget, it’s understandable how devastating it can be if it breaks down. Now, you’re undecided about whether to fix it or buy a new one. (1)

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Well, you shouldn’t sweat it. This article takes you through convincing facts explaining why it might be cheaper to repair your Apple laptop than buy a new one. They include:

  1. New Macbooks are far more expensive

Depending on the model and version of a brand new Macbook, the market prices can go through the roof. As of February 2022, the average value of some of the latest Macbook models was as follows:  

  • 16-inch Macbook Pro: Starts at AUD$3,500
  • 14-inch Macbook Pro: Starts at AUD$2,800
  • 13-inch Macbook Pro: Starts at AUD$1,800
  • Macbook Air: Starts at AUD$1,400

These prices apply if you buy the device directly from an Apple store. (2)

On the other hand, Macbook repair costs are significantly lower. Depending on the affected part and the extent of damage to the laptop, repair costs can only cost you a few hundred dollars. Indeed, Macbook repairs can go as low as AUD$100—for instance, when fixing a broken trackpad. The more expensive fixes, such as keyboard or screen repairs, could go up to AUD$1000. 

On this account, it’d be wise to fix a damaged Macbook, especially if it isn’t significantly damaged. It’d be illogical to buy a brand-new laptop if you can get your older one restored at a lower price.  

  1. Upgraded Macbook models can be exorbitant

The tech industry is as dynamic as it can be. Every breaking dawn witnesses the introduction of newly-invented gadgets and upgraded models of pre-existing ones in the market. And Apple isn’t left behind. The company typically upgrades their devices several times every few years—and every upgrade means a price hike. 

So, if you haven’t shopped for a Macbook for a while, you may find the costs of newer models in the market a little too high. That’s why if your device has broken down, it’d be wise to consider fixing it, especially if the damage is minor. At least with this option, you’ll spend a more reasonable amount. 

  1. Repair and replacement costs are more favourable

Students represent one of the more significant demographics of Macbook users. Indeed, a survey indicates that 71% of college students prefer Macbooks over other laptop types. Suppose you’re studying in Australia, which is one of the most prominent study destinations in the world. There’s a high chance you may be a Macbook owner. (3)(4)

If your gadget breaks down, you’d naturally want to get a functional one to progress your studies smoothly. However, your student budget might not allow you to purchase a new Macbook every time your previous one breaks down. (3)(4)

Arguably, most customers visiting technicians have Macbook problems with the screen, keyboard, or battery. Therefore, if you’re in a similar situation, find a trustworthy Macbook technician around your location. Luckily, there are numerous Macbook repair stalls in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or other academic cities, where you’ll fix your laptop at affordable rates. 

The price estimates for servicing these components in different models include:

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  • 13-inch to 16-inch Macbook Pros: Servicing costs of AUD$299
  • 11-inch and 13-inch Macbook Air: Servicing costs of AUD$189
  • 12-inch Macbook: Servicing cost of AUD$299


  • 12-inch to 17-inch Macbook Pros: Replacement costs ranging between AUD$200 to AUD$1,100. 
  • 11-inch to 13-inch Macbook Air: Replacement costs of between AUD$350 and AUD$850.


  • 13-inch to 17-inch Macbook Pros: Replacement costs ranging between AUD$160 to AUD$430.
  • 11-inch to 13-inch Macbook Air: Replacement costs of between AUD$150 and AUD$430.

These price variations are dependent upon model versions. If your budget is tight, you may want to consider replacing or fixing your Macbook parts rather than buying a brand new one.


Globally, Macbooks have earned one of the top spots among the most popular laptop brands, primarily because of their remarkable features. However, buying a new Macbook can be expensive. 

However, if you consider replacing or repairing a broken component of your Macbook, you may save a significant amount of money. This option is, thus, a practical solution if you’re running on a tight budget. Despite this, make sure to always run a background check on the technician repairing your computer––ensure that they’re credible and skilled.


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