3 Tips To Save Money On An iPhone Repair

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For the modern-day population that depends on the internet and technology, smartphones have become a necessity and not just a luxury.  Around 83.72% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, and you’re probably one of those who can’t leave your house without your cellphone in your hand or pocket. (1)


But what if your iPhone gets broken? Should you buy a new one or go to Apple Store or a repair shop and have it fixed? If you’re on a tight budget and you want to save a few bucks, then having your iPhone repaired is the best choice. 


Signs that you need to fix your iPhone

Technician unscrewing iPhone that needs fixing

How will you know if it’s the right time to get your iPhone repaired? You’ll know it when one of the following issues comes up:


The updates are not working: Even if the setup of your iPhone is exactly the way you want it, you’ll still have to update it at some point. When you upgrade to the latest version of iOS software, you can access your iPhone’s latest features and security updates. But if you’re trying to update it and it fails to update correctly, then it may be time to have your iPhone checked and repaired. (2)


The iPhone accessories are no longer working: If the headphones or lightning cable are no longer working on your iPhone, the first thing to do is to try different accessories. And if they still won’t work, the problem is your phone’s headphones or lightning port.


Your iPhone’s screen gets broken: If it’s cracked or broken but is still working, you can try to have it repaired before deciding to throw it away. Just bring your iPhone to a repair shop, and the technicians will know what to do and may offer you a cheap iPhone screen repair.


Ways to avoid overspending on an iPhone repair


Now that you know how to decide when it is the right time to have your iPhone repaired, the next step is knowing how you can save by doing so. To help you with that, here are some tips to save money on an iPhone repair:


  • Fix it yourself


Before you go to a repair shop to have your iPhone fixed, it’s best to assess first if you can still do something about it without leaving your house. Now, if you’re thinking about how you should go about it, here’s the catch: there are some problems with iPhone that are relatively easy to repair yourself. You can save more money by buying cheap iPhone parts and fixing your damage yourself than going to a repair shop.


However, if the problem with your iPhone is a damaged screen caused by a drop, you can easily fix it by looking for a cheap iPhone screen repair or replacement online and changing the screen yourself.


And if after checking it and you think you can’t fix it yourself, that’s the time for you to seek professional help already. If the damage to your phone is with your screen, you can check online for local shops by searching for ‘cheap iPhone screen repairs near me’ and going to the nearest shop that you’ll see.


  • Search for a shop that offers the cheapest iPhone repairs


In finding a repair shop for your iPhone, it’s best to look for one that offers the cheapest service. And while this may seem easy, it’s important to weigh the quality and cost of service. For example, if you’re looking for the cheapest iPhone 5 screen repair and your iPhone has no AppleCare+ coverage, it can cost you around USD$129 in an Apple Service Center. On the other hand, it can cost you around USD$175 to USD$200 or more if you have it repaired in your local or third-party repair stores. (3) 


Some of the reasons local shops charge more are the premium cost for an iPhone, labor on top of the parts’ price, and time spent to repair, which could take them a minimum of 10 minutes. Unlike in an Apple Service Center or authorized repair shop, which could take an hour to several days depending on the number of customers they’re assisting.


Luckily, you can avoid overspending for a repair when you watch out for red flags. Do your research and compare the different repair shops’ costs for their services. If a repair shop’s services cost significantly less than others, chances are they’re using fake or substandard parts. Instead of paying less, you may pay even more if you have your iPhone repaired using poor-quality parts because they can further damage your phone instead of fixing it. Hence, cheaper isn’t always better.   


Technician Checking a defective iPhone


  • Look for longer warranties


Although most repair shops are reliable, mistakes and errors may still occur. When that happens, you’ll have to return to the shop for another repair that may not be free. This is why it’s important to ask about the warranty policy of the repair shop on their parts and repairs. (3)


Remember to only go to a repair shop that offers warranties. Warranty policies may vary from one repair shop to another – some shops provide only 90 days, while others offer warranties for up to one year. Some places fix iPhone screens for cheap but do not offer extended warranties, so you have to look for the one that can provide you with the most extended warranty possible.  




Your phone can still get damaged no matter how much you try to take good care of it. So if you’re thinking of having your broken iPhone repaired, it’s always better to do your research first to make sure that you’re bringing your device to the right place. After all, you don’t want to pay for your phone to be fixed again, or worse, do more damage to your iPhone that may cost more to fix in the future.




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