The Most Costly Macbook Repairs

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Macbooks are among the world’s top-grade laptops, owing to their outstanding features and functions. Actually, one survey classified Macbook Air as the best laptop of 2022. However, these features don’t come cheap. The money you pay for a Macbook, whether you’re buying or fixing it, can be staggeringly high. And these prices form the basis of this blog. (1)

If you’re a Macbook user, you’ll find this article informative as it discusses five of the most costly Macbook repairs. So, stick around to know how much to set aside to fix a broken component on your Apple laptop.

  • Macbook screens

The significance of the screen on your Macbook is perhaps why the repair costs are very high. Without it, your laptop won’t be of much use to you. MacBook screens are made out of premium glass and brag of exquisite features, such as great contrast and screen resolutions, like 3072 x 1920 or 2500 x 1600 in some models. And these essential properties are what make your Macbook screen have a high-quality display. (2)

Thus, if the screen is damaged, you may want to reserve a significant amount of money to cater for the fixing, especially if your laptop is out of warranty. The average cost for screen repair ranges between AUD$400 and AUD$1060. 

With that said, you’d want to be careful not to knock your laptop down or expose it to a situation that may cause its screen to break. Doing so will allow you to save yourself a significant amount of money.

  • Technician handing over newly repaired macbook to ownerKeyboards

Around the mid-2010s, Apple introduced the butterfly switch mechanism on Macbook keyboards. Being an upgrade, it had more features and a more complex design than the traditional scissor mechanism. Therefore, the cost of repairing such keyboards also shot up. 

However, multiple complications surrounded these keyboards. So, the company eventually decided to cease their manufacture in 2020 and went back to producing scissor keyboards. (3) Despite this, fixing Macbook keyboards is still expensive. These costs vary depending on the cause and level of destruction. 

Dust and debris are among the leading agents of a malfunctioning Macbook keyboard—and the fixing prices for such a keyboard average at about AUD$180. However, if your keyboard gets damaged by liquid or moisture, prepare to part with anything between AUD$850 to AUD$1800. (4)

Also, note that these costs are greatly influenced by the size and make of your laptop, which may vary in different repair stores. Hence, it’ll be wise to exercise caution with your keyboard at all times to prevent accidents that’ll necessitate the fixing of your keyboard, which demands large sums of money.

  • Hard drive

The hard disk is essential to ensuring that the laptop runs smoothly. It’s in the hard drive where you store your documents, photos, the computer’s operating system, as well as other fundamental programs and software items. Thus, when this storage device breaks down, the thought of losing all your contents can be devastating.

You may visit an Apple repair shop to get your hard drive fixed and retrieve your data. The mending price could range from AUD$300 to AUD$800, or higher, depending on the hard drive’s capacity.

On this account, you’d want to protect your hard drive from factors that may cause it to break down, such as a physical shock resulting from dropping your Macbook. Alternatively, you may replace it with a Solid-State Drive (SSD), which goes for about AUD$300. And with a protected hard disk or SSD, you’ll dodge such high repair prices.

  • Battery

Your Macbook battery is a crucial component of your laptop. So, you’d be wise to exercise proper maintenance strategies, such as battery calibration and optimum charging, among other ways to ensure your battery’s sustainability.

However, if your battery breaks down, you should budget on repair costs of around AUD$200. But, if the battery is damaged completely, the technician might suggest that you have a battery replacement, which may range from AUD$180 to AUD$300. (5)

  • Trackpad

If your trackpad is dysfunctional, you may opt for a mouse. But, with time, carrying the extra hardware piece wherever you go becomes burdensome. So, you may want to budget for your trackpad’s repair.

Depending on the model of your Macbook, fixing your trackpad would cost you anything between AUD$110 and AUD$350. Macbooks of larger dimensions or the more recent models are more expensive to repair than the smaller, older versions. Hence, it’d help if you researched the prices further—online or from local Macbook technicians—to determine the exact cost you’d pay for the repair process.

Technician repairing Macbook

In summation

Macbooks are precious computers. Hence, when a component breaks down, you’d want to fix it immediately to continue using your gadget. However, the repair costs can be high, depending on the damage level, defective part, and Macbook model.

This article discusses five of the most expensive Macbook repairs, including the screen, keyboard, hard drive, battery, and trackpad. You also learn the price range to budget for if a component of your Macbook breaks down. Accordingly, you know better to take good care of your Macbook to avoid damage.


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